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Axe Core

You can include accessibility tests within your WebdriverIO test suite using the open-source accessibility tools from Deque called Axe. The setup is very easy, all you need to do is to install the WebdriverIO Axe adapter via:

npm install -g @axe-core/webdriverio

The Axe adapter can be used either in standalone or testrunner mode by simply importing and initializing it with the browser object, e.g.:

import { browser } from '@wdio/globals'
import AxeBuilder from '@axe-core/webdriverio'

describe('Accessibility Test', () => {
it('should get the accessibility results from a page', async () => {
const builder = new AxeBuilder({ client: browser })

await browser.url('')
const result = await builder.analyze()
console.log('Acessibility Results:', result)

You can find more documentation on the Axe WebdriverIO adapter on GitHub.

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